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This patient came in yesterday. She came in because the second toe nail was digging into the bottom of her foot and causing pain (a small indentation or sore is visible in the ball of her foot).

Most readers may think this is uncommon, but I see this a few times a month. Fortunately, this patient was not diabetic; otherwise, there is a good chance that she would have developed an infection where the nail was piercing her flesh.

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  • Suzanne Davis

    I cannot believe people allow their feet to get to this condition, as children, we are taught to clip our nails, why would you not do it as an adult?, I give Dr.s credit, I, for one, would not want to clip foot long toenails!

  • Dr. Nirenberg

    Some people just don’t take care of themselves. Sadly, if someone isn’t taking care of their feet, they probably are not watching their blood pressure, cholesterol and other serious medical problems

    This person only came in because the nail was digging into the flesh on the bottom of the foot and starting to hurt. Otherwise, they would have been fine with the long nails.

  • Max

    did you suggest she trimmed them ? :)

  • Dr. Nirenberg


  • HAHA

    damn son whatever you get paid it's not enough!

  • Tim Rigney

    Okay seriously, you need to attend to her mental health first and foremost.
    This isn't a serious disease. It's a symptom of something much more dire.

  • Des

    hi that is just so ugly to see

  • Angie

    how the hell is she supposed to wear closed shoes !!!! ????????? daaaaaaaaaamn

  • AJ

    this blogger is a podiatrist not a psychiatrist and can't tend to her mental health ever.

  • Kristen

    Now I'm starting to appreciate my husband more, I thought he was disgusting, but now I think I'm lucky, lol.

  • Dr. Nirenberg


  • Tourquoise Sky


  • Gosouth09

    Obviously, this is a very old woman who can’t bend down to trim her own toenails, probably because of arthritis or other age-related problems….  My Mom is 89 yrs old and, even tho, it’s not my favorite thing to do, I trim her toe nails ever 3 weeks or so.  So the moral of this story is never grow old alone.  Good Luck to everyone on that one!!

  • Pantherskay86

    What kind of treatment will she be put under? I mean, it just looks like those nails are impossible to trim. Uugh… I can’t imagine how she was ever comfortable before the nail started piercing through her foot. =O