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P1200280Here is my pick of the latest, greatest foot, ankle and podiatry related articles on the web:

Pregnancy is a bundle of joy, but not for your feet! Podiatrist Scott Kilberg has written a great review of the effects of pregnancy on our feet. Check out Foot Problems During Pregnancy and for more from Dr. Kilberg, visit his blog My Aching Foot.

Shin splints eventually affects just about every runner and Podiatrist Andrew Schneider has written a good synopsis on this common problem. His blog also has some of the best writing about our feet and ankles that you can find. Check out Dr. Schneider’s superb writing and and learn about shin splints HERE.

Bunions are among the top podiatry problems we see. Podiatrist Jennifer Feeny has written a good review – Bunions: A Pain in the Foot. Her blog can be found HERE. If you want to know when a Bunion is Not a Bunion, check out Dr. Marybeth Crane’s article HERE.

If you want to dance, you may have to pay the piper – or the podiatrist! Dance takes a toll on the feet. For a great introduction to foot pronation and how it can be the cause of your knee pain, read Lisa Howell’s How to Understand Overpronation and Knee Pain If You Have Flat Feet.

Speaking of Flat Feet, there is a basic introduction to flat feet and Choosing the Best Running Shoes at the Running Shoe Guru.

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