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Rebecca writes:

I had both feet injured several months ago during a pedicure, after the pedicurist twisted all of my toes back and forth, like she was trying to sprain them. My doctor and physical therapist, who know my feet (I am hypermobile), both felt it was ligaments and tendons. No x-rays were taken. My right foot was initially swollen and bruised, with broken blood vessels (the pedicurist was quite rough). The swelling kind of went away, but never completely. And three months later, it has become worse again! And I have been resting my feet ridiculously to speed the healing process-biking, swimming, and very minimal weight bearing. There is still pain, but I can bend my toes more now. Why is there still swelling? Should I go to another doctor who will give me more tests? And if it is a fracture, would it be treated differently anyway? I have been never had both feet injured at the same time.

Dr. Nirenberg’s Reply:

Rebecca, I am sorry you had a bad experience with the pedicure. Typically, pedicures can be a great way to reward our tired, achy feet. However, a pedicure should NEVER hurt (read my post on What You Need to Know About Pedicures). Good pedicurists often have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the foot and common foot problems.

It sounds like the joint capsule at the base of your toe or toes was sprained or even possibly torn. I doubt that you have a fracture but you should still get an x-ray. The pedicurist may have irritated a nerve, creating a Morton’s neuroma.

Foot injuries can cause swelling in the feet for a long time, even up to a year or more. However, pain after this length of time is not normal. It sounds like you have tried doing some reasonable self-care on your own, and now you need to see a podiatrist or visit us at Friendly Foot Care. Let us know what happens.

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  • smilinggreenmom

    Oh my! I cannot believe that someone did this…yikes. It must have been a painful pedicure? I have only had two at salons and have recently discovered a way to totally pamper myself for waaaay less expense! I love to soak my feet in hot water (essential oils are always nice mixed in), follow by a wrap of hot towels that have been dampened. Next, pumice and my new “friend” Topricin foot cream! Soooo wonderful! Last- the color and Voila! My feet feel and look great for a fraction of the cost without worries of someone “ripping off my toes” LOL :)