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Are these the most innovative shoes ever made?

Are these the most innovative shoes ever made?

Newton Running sent me their stability trainer to try and I have to congratulate them. Not only have they reinvented the common running shoe, but they are also changing the way many runners run. I highly commend the Newton founders for truly thinking “outside the box.”

The Newton Website explains that the Newton is designed to mimic barefoot running, while providing efficient energy return (via actuator lugs) and more mobility. Examining the shoe, I quickly could see and understand how the folks at Newton could make these claims and they seemed reasonable. Incorporating these elements are a true breakthrough, and the US Patent office agrees—Newton has been issued eight patents.

Newton’s website boasts that the shoe has Universal Posting Technology. That is, the shoe can accommodate and adequately control your foot, whether your foot overly pronates or supinates. This sounds incredible, but reading the website description and examining the shoe, I could not figure out or understand how the shoe accomplishes this remarkable feat.

The Newton running shoe allows good dorsiflexion of the toes, but not great. I would’ve liked even more motion at the forefoot, though compared with the 99% of the running shoes out there, Newton outdoes most. The shoe also boasts cushioning, and again, there is probably more than runners need. One of the true benefits of barefoot running is the ability to sense or “feel” the ground and let muscles adapt naturally to successive foot strikes.

Newton Running Shoe Actuator Lugs

Newton Running Shoe Actuator Lugs

The Newton running shoe encourages—actually demands—runners land on their forefoot—like a barefoot runner would. However, unlike running barefoot, the Newton’s actuator lugs elevate the ball of the foot off the ground, improving energy and protecting the forefoot from injury.

The shoe also provides great aeration, and feels great to wear and run in. Runners not use to barefoot running style will need to take time to get use to running with a barefoot style/gait.

Final Thoughts on the Newton Running Shoe:

Learning to run barefoot is hard work. Learning to use the Newton running shoe was work, but was not hard. If you want to run and are not ready to take the leap and go 100% bare (or minimalist “barefoot” running shoe), the Newton is the way to go.

I give the Newton my top rating, 5 Toes Up

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    Running barefoot, although definitely appealing tomany people, carries a lot of injury risks. Good, running shoes, are definitely something I would recommend to my patients who want to go barefoot.

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    It would be interesting to see those patents and how the design is more advantageous compared to other minimalist shoe alternatives