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Is this the Barefoot Walker's Dress Shoe?

Is this the Barefoot Walker’s Dress Shoe?

Vivo Barefoot by Terra Plana doesn’t look like a minimalist running or walking shoe, and that’s why it’s so special. Not only can you run and walk in the Vivo and get the benefit of barefoot activity, but no one will know the awesome barefoot benefits you’re foot, ankles, legs and entire body is getting. Let’s face it; barefoot running and walking is still considered a fringe activity.

Thankfully that is changing! Thanks to folks like Christopher McDougall, who wrote the page-turner Born to Run, and other committed bloggers such as Jason Robillard. But, until barefoot activity is more mainstream, the Vivo Barefoot is a shoe you can wear just about anywhere and not feel out of place.

Vivo Barefoot Gives Balances Protection with Barefoot Benefits

More importantly, the Vivo Barefoot shoe provides basic protection for your foot, decent grip against the ground and mild foot support, but still lets your foot “feel” the ground. The best way to transition to minimalist or barefoot running or walking hasn’t been defined, but for those looking to make the leap, Terra Plana’s Vivo Barefoot may be the best way to go.

Vivo Barefoot Shoe's Removable Insole

Vivo Barefoot Shoe’s Removable Insole

To help with the transition to barefoot, the shoe is incredibly flexible to let your foot bend and flex naturally, has no added heel to throw your body forward, a thin sole, and the Vivo’s insole is removable. I recommend that those people who are new to barefoot activity wear the Vivo with the insole for a while, and then, as their feet adjust, they remove the insole.  As an aside, I removed the insole within a day or two to improve that great barefoot feeling (though, the insole was very comfortable).

Vivo Barefoot Shoe's Sturdy Tread

Vivo Barefoot Shoe’s Sturdy Tread

A Minimalist Shoe that Feels GREAT

Speaking of comfort, this shoe has what it takes! It feels great on your feet. And, as a podiatrist, I liked the nice wide toe-box (that area at the front of the shoe). Plus, the roomy shoe let my foot breath (something that most shoes do not!).

Final Thoughts on Vivo Barefoot Shoe

The Vivo is a great shoe for stimulating barefoot activity that you can wear unobtrusively while at work, weddings and shopping. It is also a great intermediate shoe to help you on your journey toward barefoot walking or running.

I give the Vivo Barefoot my top rating — 5 Toes Up 

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  • pharmacy technician

    nice post. thanks.

  • Dave C.

    I just recently bought a pair of Vivo Barefoot’s and am loving them so far. I agree that they were a good choice to help me “relearn” how to walk without the rigid and padded sneakers I was use to.

  • Maxmargolis888

    bought these, the soles are horribly slippery and I can't believe that for a 150 bucks they can't make the soles slip resistant.

  • Dr. Nirenberg

    Great point! Let the company know and perhaps we will see them add some treads!

  • Loxy

     There’s a fundamental trade-off between the durability of rubber and it’s grippiness. I think that Vivo chose to make their soles very durable, and consequently not so grippy. Durability of the rubber in these shoes is especially important given how thin the soles are.