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Since Ponce De Leon failed in finding the Fountain Of Youth, people have been seeking the magical and miraculous answers to staying and feeling younger into their advanced age. It turns out that the answers are neither magical nor miraculous but are found within ourselves, as the superlative new book Functional Fitness: Look Younger, Stay Active Longer reveals. 

Paul D’Arezzo MD is a board-certified emergency physician who has practiced in some of the country’s most beautiful spots: Florida, Colorado, and Hawaii. In his Functional Fitness: Look Younger, Stay Active Longer Dr. D’Arezzo has combined his considerable medical experience with salient points from yoga and various other human motion disciplines to present a compelling case for the benefits of exercise and activity. 

Through his years of practice, Dr. D’Arezzo has found that there are various activities which we can all perform in order to forestall muscle and joint pain as well as aging-related disabilities… or even prevent them outright. The techniques and tips which Dr. D’Arezzo shares in his book are of immediate concern to every American adult and thus Functional Fitness: Look Younger, Stay Active Longer is a must read book for all. 

A Paean To The Wonder & Efficiency Of Sheer Human Motion 

Dr. D’Arezzo is a gifted writer and possesses the remarkable ability to tackle complex and convoluted subjects and make them easily understandable to the lay reader. The result is that Functional Fitness: Look Younger, Stay Active Longer is not just another in a long line of exercise books, but a paean to the wonder and efficiency of sheer human motion. 

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone

The book is structured in a logical and persuasive fashion to lead the reader in an adventure of rediscovering the beauty, harmony, and elegance of their own bodies in motion. The first chapter is adroitly titled You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone and it outlines how the human body undergoes a gradual degradation, and what needs to be done starting now to hold off the ebbing which age brings. In the second chapter entitled Body Works, Dr. D’Arezzo introduces us to the basic anatomical structures which determine how we move, and goes on to a third chapter Aging which explains how our anatomy subtly changes as we grow older. 

Walking Restores Our Bodies To The Natural Motion They Were Designed For 

The book rolls on through examinations of The Importance Of Posture, and an analysis of the powerful effect of the body’s motion core, The Pelvis. In With Every Step We Take, Dr. D’Arezzo arrives at an evaluation of the value of walking in restoring our bodies to the natural motion that they were evolutionarily designed for. He discusses how best to preserve our ability to walk as we age; why the knees of seniors often hurt and how to avoid that pain; and investigates a number of professionally recommended easy but effective exercise regimens which can maintain elderly bodies walking smoothly and in a pain free manner.

 Staying Strong, Flexible, Aligned & Active

 At this point, Dr. D’Arezzo proceeds to four beautifully interleaved chapters on Staying Strong, Flexible, Aligned, & Active. These four chapters form what in effect is a book within a book, and the recommendations he makes could easily serve as a complete guide to staying and feeling young right into our twilight years. The realities of the aging body are catalogued in the chapters on Arthritis and Back Pain which examines the medical aspects of these ailments while clearly demonstrating a series of motions and exercises which are so effective they can replace an entire medicine cabinet’s worth of pain relievers

Dr. D’Arezzo Honors The Importance Of The Bodymind Connection 

Functional Fitness: Look Younger, Stay Active Longer proceeds to describe a profound and in-depth extensive list of Exercises which are far from the conventional, repetitive, mind-numbing gym rat calisthenics, but are specifically designed to allow individuals of any age to engage in them to a high level of efficacy. Clearly demonstrating the wisdom which has gone into the writing of this book, Dr. D’Arezzo next examines the Bodymind aspect and its importance in providing us with the energy and motivation to achieve anything we set our minds to.

Functional Fitness Puts It All Together 

In his summary conclusion Putting It All Together Dr. D’Arezzo most certainly does, and wraps up any loose ends to vividly demonstrate how by following the tips, techniques, advice, and exercises in his book anyone can stay and feel younger longer. This book is a revelation to readers of any age, as it’s never too soon or too late to adopt a vivacious and vigorous lifestyle

Check it out! Functional Fitness: Look Younger, Stay Active Longer

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