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This is clearly one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard in a long time. Michael Sandler was in an accident in 2006 which nearly killed him. He was skating down a path but veered to avoid hitting a toddler who had unexpectedly bolted into his way. He shattered his hip, femur and arm to such a degree that he was later informed by his doctors bone shards had come within about a quarter-inch from his femoral artery. Had the shreds sliced that artery, Michael would have quickly died.

Michael Was Told He Would Be Lucky To Ever Walk Again

Michael has had ten knee operations and was told by his physicians that he would be lucky to ever walk again, let alone run. He has a one inch discrepancy in the length of his legs and his knees visibly do not line up. Many critical parts of his leg from the ACL to the meniscus have been surgically removed. Due to his titanium femur and hip, his leg X-rays look like they were taken of a Terminator.

Michael Now Barefoot Runs Up To 20 Miles A Day

You might expect that Michael would consider himself lucky to be able to even stand up on his semi-bionic legs, but that is emphatically not the case. Michael discovered that barefoot running was not only the best physiotherapy for him, but allowed him to find a freedom and contentment he had never known before. He now regularly runs up to 20 miles a day, in every imaginable terrain and weather condition from rain to deep snow. He has found that barefoot running allows him to enjoy his mobility even more than he did prior to his accident, which he now refers to as a “gift.”

Michael is now a renowned barefoot running coach and has written an absolutely must-read book: “Barefoot Running: How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth”. Find out more at:

Check it out this amazing video of Michael Sandler:


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