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MSNBC Interviewed Me To Tell Toe Tales

Feet often mirror overall health. For example, when a 41-year-old man came to my office with pain and swelling in his foot, he thought he had injured himself playing baseball; instead, we discovered a tumor in his neck. The tumor was altering chemicals in his body. One of these chemicals, uric acid, was so severely elevated that it couldn’t be contained in his bloodstream and entered several joints in his foot, causing his atrocious pain. The patient had the tumor removed, and a month later his foot pain disappeared. This case was especially rewarding because had this tumor not been caught, it could have affected his heart, possibly becoming fatal.

Most instances of feet revealing medical conditions are not this dramatic, but many systemic problems often show up in our feet first.

A recent article on entitled This Little Piggy Went To Medical School:
Your Toes And Fingers Point The Way To Disease Clues discussed the ways toes can indicate overall health and fitness, or point to potential medical problems. Examination of the toes can reveal clues to nutritional deficiencies and blood flow obstructions.

I Discussed How Toes Reveal Our Overall Health

In the article I stated that “Toes talk. They don’t rattle on like some annoying relative. They do often mirror overall health – at times being the first place to show signs of serious medical problems. Nowadays, with MRIs, CT scans, and hundreds of blood tests to choose from, few doctors look at toes. But in ancient times, examining the toes was as important as having patients stick out their tongue.”

Toenails Can Indicate Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency

I also explained in the article how flat or spoon-like toenails may indicate a deficiency in various B vitamins, and that fraying toenails could point to lack of sufficient Vitamin C. If toenails are found to have white patches on them, a conclusion may be drawn that zinc supplements need to be recommended.

Morton’s Toe Does Not Equal Fame & Fortune

There are many “old wives tales” circulating with regards to personal characteristics which are allegedly possible to extrapolate through toe examination. Morton’s toe is an anatomical feature whereby the second toe is longer than the big toe, and it is often associated with chronic pain due to the creation of excessive pressure at the ball of the foot behind the second toe. However, people have believed for hundreds of years that a longer second toe indicates that the individual is fated for status, fame, and fortune. I stated in the article that “I have not seen any proof of this.”

Toe Analysis Is A Valid Tool

Although there is reliable clinical evidence to support that analysis of the toes can support and substantiate the diagnosis of various ailments, individual personality quirks or an outlook on a person’s “fate” remain firmly outside the realms of medical science. Those types of prophesies are best left to the pagan pontiffs interpreting the spilled sacred goat entrails.

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