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Some people consider the fact that more and more people are successfully running barefoot some kind of scientific enigma. The “Free Your Feet” graphic below makes some of the science behind barefoot running easy to understand simply and eloquently. This artistic and pleasantly graphic interpretation of the various statistics and historical facts which support barefoot running makes some exceptional points:

Bulky Shoes Are Failing Us – Running while wearing athletic footwear exerts more strain on the joints of the leg and foot than walking in high heels!

The History Of Running Shoes – The Tarahumara of Mexico can run for two full days, covering up to 300 miles non-stop, wearing only leather thongs or tire strips!

The Science Of Barefoot Running – A comparison of the heel strike which is predominant when running with shoes vs. the more relaxed position of the bare foot landing on its ball.

The graphic goes on to show that traditional running shoes have been proven to create an extra:

  • 54% hip rotation torque
  • 36% knee flexion torque
  • 38% knee varus torque

The graphic does close with a warning that transitioning to barefoot running is a process which should be done gradually, starting out with brief jogs before graduation to longer runs. It’s a recommendation which I heartily endorse!

This graphic is not mine; check out the entire graphic at:

  • Melanie

    This site confuses me.  I am not sure if it is a proponent of barefoot walking/running/lifestyle as a type of therapy or traditional heavily cushioned, motion controlled shoes with inserts or custom orthotics as therapy.