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One of the most notable problems that people who practice yoga have with regards to their feet is that in some positions their bare feet can slip and cause a fall. There are few things worse in yoga than doing a Garudasana Eagle Pose and end up crash landing on your beak because your foot slipped out from under you! Socks and slippers do not allow the toes to be free enough to grip and balance properly, plus they can overheat the foot causing it to sweat and slip even further.

Maximum traction, foot (and toe) flexibility, and breathability

Stick-e Yoga Socks solved all of these problems by engineering special socks specifically for the practice of yoga, pilates, karate, dancing and other athletic pursuits where maximum traction and foot flexibility is a prerequisite. Libby Andrews of Stick-e Products LLC invented this remarkable new form of minimalist footwear, and I can confidently say that she did a magnificent job. They’re really amazing!

 Stick-e Yoga Socks have cut outs for your toes so can better grip the floor or mat, and more importantly, so they can work! Most people do not think much about using their toes when walking or doing activities, yet toes are very muscular or as I say in my FloWalking workshops: “toes are tiny but mighty.” Men, in order to keep your self-respect, only use this motto about your toes and no other part of your anatomy.

Andrews has also designed the socks with a Stick-e bottom, so the next time you are doing the Adho Mukha Svanasana Downward Dog pose, you are less likely to end up sprawled out like a greyhound on a skating rink! The Stick-e surface held up well, even after I spent 90 minutes on the treadmill doing my FloWalking workout.

1/3 of yoga practitioners still wear basic socks or shoes

It’s estimated that yoga currently has over 20 million followers and about a third of them continue to wear socks or even shoes during their exercises because they are shunning going barefoot. All yoga enthusiasts, whether barefoot or wearing socks or shoes should try the Stick-e Yoga Socks to experience the ultimate in foot comfort, traction, and flexibility. Once you try some of the most basic yoga exercises while wearing these socks, you’ll never do yoga in any other way!

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  • Victor

    People invent so many weird devices to avoid what is most natural: just going barefoot.