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How I Got My Wiggle Back

How I Got My Wiggle Back
A Memoir of Healing
Anthony Field with Greg Truman

Any parent who has spent any time at all watching children’s television with their kids is well acquainted with The Beatles of the pre-school set: The Wiggles. Anthony Field is a founding member of the popular children’s group, and it is telling to The Beatles connection that prior to this venture, Anthony and his brothers had an Australian rock band named The Cockroaches. Anthony and The Wiggles are a worldwide phenomenon, being named the top-earning Australian entertainers for four years in a row and earning upwards of $40 million in a year. The Wiggles have sold over 17 million DVDs and four million CDs, an amazing number which exceeds many superstar musicians. This spectacular success was not much gratification to Anthony as throughout his career he has been plagued by a series of inexplicable and debilitating health issues.

Inexplicable Ailments

Anthony’s health problems started his mid twenties, first with a stubborn case of clinical depression which brought overwhelming sadness and anxiety as well as suicidal thoughts, then proceeding onto various digestion problems. Due to The Wiggles’ punishing touring schedule, Anthony found himself on the road for an inordinate amount of time and with the topsy-turvy eating and sleep patterns that come with long-term travel he began to gain weight. Soon his ailments graduated to severe and troubling foot, ankle, knee and back pain, along with various sprains and strains.

Nothing Seemed To Work

Anthony saw a variety of medical doctors, chiropractors and alternative healers who came up with diagnoses for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, hernias, and a plethora of unresolved back pain issues. These medical experts would usually dispense good advice along with a laundry list of medicines, but nothing seemed to help Anthony to any significant degree. Anthony had discolored teeth since childhood so he had them capped to a pearly white for his media appearances. On the first night of an American tour the entire group was out for some of that famous New York City pizza and after one bite Anthony’s caps came out with the pie. A dentist was quickly sought and after many hours and thousands of dollars of dental work another set of caps was implanted. This work may have brought his smile back, but only superficially as he started to suffer from constant body pain, neck stiffness and intense headaches along with mysterious circulation problems and a blooming of varicose veins.

Massive Dental Work

A dental specialist was called in and told Anthony he required immediate extensive corrective surgery. Anthony decided that it was so extensive that he wanted to go home to Australia and his dentist to have it done. The Australian dentist discovered that the work that had been done in New York was significantly substandard. Over a short period of time Anthony had a staggering 23 root canals, teeth were removed, titanium posts put in, and crowns and caps replaced. Unfortunately, his health problems continued unabated and Anthony continued to be examined by a broad range of doctors who were unable to assist him in any meaningful way.

Dr. Stoxen Diagnosed Anthony By A Gait Examination

After visits to an endless array of medical professionals Anthony met Dr. James Stoxen, a Chicago chiropractor. Unlike the others before him, Dr. Stoxen was able to swiftly diagnose the source of Anthony’s problems, and he did so by a simple examination of his gait! Dr. Stoxen is the originator of the Human Spring Approach dealing with the interconnected mechanism that governs and protects the way the body moves, and he applied his methodology to determine that Anthony’s Spring was broken due to a weakness in the pronator-supinator cuff muscles supporting the arch of the foot. The spring suspension system muscles of Anthony’s pelvis were inherently weak leading to his crippling lower back pain. Dr. Stoxen helped Anthony reset his spring suspension and taught him the critical exercises required to keep his entire muscular system working at top efficiency. Working with a chiropractic colleague Dr. Rich Gringeri, Anthony was put on a proper whole food diet, along with supplements and digestive enzymes, which helped him to reset his entire Human Spring.

A Quarter Billion Ground Collisions

Dr. Stoxen’s revolutionary anatomical and kinesthetic concepts are based on the human body being a spring mechanism, not a lever one as is currently acknowledged by medical practitioners. By utilizing the Human Spring mechanism you can protect your body from the over quarter billion collisions with the ground you will experience in your lifetime through a marked improvement of your walking and running processes. Dr. Stoxen accurately diagnosed the breadth of Anthony’s chronic symptoms to a breakdown and lockage of his own Spring, and his remarkable and unique insights into this aspect of the human body can be applied to virtually anyone plagued by chronic and otherwise unexplained aches, pains, and various symptoms.

Keeping The Spring Working

To this day, Anthony works very hard daily performing the specific exercises taught by Dr. Stoxen to keep his Spring working at optimal levels, and he continues to be free from the pain and symptoms which plagued him through most of his adult life. And that’s how Anthony Field Got His Wiggle Back!

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