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Since Jeremy Johnson’s feet are 4E wide they are not a perfect fit into most racing shoes, so he wasn’t about to just put up with footwear that would restrict his running ability. A Master of Science in Applied Mathematics who was also a three time All-American and the University of New Mexico’s Male Track and Field Athlete of the Year for two years “running,” he set his analytical mind to investigate whether running shoes are necessary for any runner, regardless of foot size.

 Running shoe components are marketing gimmicks?

 Quoting the Bible, Hebrews 12:1, he “threw off everything that hinders” and ditched his running shoes to find that his favorite sport was now more pleasant and enjoyable, his legs felt more elastic, and his times became faster. Examining the actual mechanics of barefoot running vs. shod feet, he realized that the components of almost all conventional running shoes on the market may be counterproductive to comfort and mechanical efficiency. The placement of a wedge underneath an anatomical structure which is designed over millions of years of evolution to be a consummately efficient mechanism actually defeats the purpose of running better! Johnson goes as far as claiming that most of these running shoes components are gimmicks which serve the purposes of the marketing department, not the runner.

 Barefoot running is liberating

Jeremy Johnson’s finely trained intellect arrived at a scientific determination which many runners from all “walks” of life are beginning to glimpse on their own. Minimalist footwear and outright barefoot running is a natural, effective, enjoyable, efficient, and comfortable way to enjoy the liberating and exhilarating feeling of running.

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  • cooper cook

    I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I can start running barefoot, but I have been walking everywhere I go without shoes and I love it.  But don’t you have to worry about podiatrics?  Because with all of that barefoot running, it looks like it could do some serious damage to your feet.

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