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“Stand Tall”

Thanks to your feet, you can stand tall, and run, jump, swim, kick a ball, walk across a balance beam and do a myriad of other incredible feats!

When ballet dancers go en pointe, they are able to stand on their toe tips; circus tightrope walkers grasp the ropes they cross with their feet; and for those people who are unfortunately born without their hands, feet prove to be the perfect substitute. Feet can do nearly everything that anyone would ever  use their hands for, including painting masterpieces.

This site celebrates the astonishing human foot, looking at it in new, marvelous ways, and the amazing work America’s podiatrists do to keep the country walking.

This site is a work in progress. When finished it will be a resource for “everything feet,” from how to prevent foot infections to understanding how the foot functions when in outer space-without gravity to keep us on the ground.

Our feet act as our basic point of contact with the earth; if they don’t work well, our entire body becomes at severe risk to develop a range of pain or problems.

As you follow my adventure through this blog, I hope that you will enjoy learning all about your incredible feet and America’s dedicated podiatrists.

Yours in good health,

Michael Nirenberg, DPM